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    There is certainly some interesting proposals for discussion. I don’t have a specific item to discuss but I’m primarily interested in how best to incorporate technology into undergraduate history education. What level of technologically literatacy should an undergraduate history major achieve? What are the current technologies and techniques he or she should be familiar with? I’ve been teaching a class with the university archivist along these themes. The class combines some readings on technology with hands-on projects that require students to work with original archival materials but the final product is often a web page or something similar.

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  1. mjk says:

    Yes! I’ve been thinking a lot about these questions too. I’ve been inspired by working with an amazing group of librarians and technologists and students while developing the next version of my Digitizing Folk Music History course. If it’s of use, here are a few reflections on the topic: www.michaeljkramer.net/issuesindigitalhistory/blog/?p=299.

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