• Etiquette question

    Yikes – so very excited to attend my first THATCamp and airplane trouble will keep my boss/adviser from presenting at the Digging Into Data panel and I have been drafted in his stead (gulp). I know things are informal, but I don’t want to look like a dope heading out at 3:15 – can I still come for the earlier sessions?


  1. Patrick MJ says:

    Of course!! It’s a party! As in, partycipation!! The idea is to get lots of interaction throughout!

  2. JenServenti says:

    Laura, That’s my plan too, as I’m filling in for my boss, Brett Bobley, to chair that Digging into Data . I’lll be co-leading the Grants Writing Workshop that ends at 2:45 and then perhaps we can find the Digging into Data session together that starts at 3:00 pm. -Jen Serventi

  3. lcworking says:

    Jen, sounds good! So looking forward to tomorrow.

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