Jonathan  Rees


I teach American labor history, late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century history and have been moving into the history of technology.

With respect to Nick Carr, I think the _The Big Switch_ was an awesome book, but was disappointed with _The Shallows_. His blog, however, is great as I try to share the same kind of informed skepticism that he does. I also like Nick Carr, the guy behind the blog "Scouting New York."

  • Session Proposal: Going off the grid.


    I work at a university with slow servers, a bad e-mail client, an outdated version of a terrible LMS (which starts with “Black” and ends with “board”), frightfully old computers in the offices and the classrooms and not nearly enough tech support for any of these things.  What I’d like to see/hear/do at THATCampAHA is figure out how I can gather all the tech I need to do my job and keep these tools under my control rather than my employer’s.  I’m not just talking about teaching paperless, I’m talking about finding everything needed to become essentially a technological free agent, no longer dependent on edtech help that isn’t there.

    While I’m not sure if I have much to contribute to this session beyond the idea, I’ll certainly do everything I can to explain what I’m thinking once we all arrive in Chicago.

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