Alexandra  Guerson


I'm a PhD Candidate in History at the University of Toronto working on Christian-Jewish relations in late medieval Spain. On my spare time, I used to blog and play with various web tools until I discovered there was such a thing called Digital Humanities that allowed me to combine my pedagogical, scholarly, and personal interests and skills. You can find more information about my research here:

As I mentioned in the reason why I want to attend THATCamp, although I'm very enthusiastic about promoting digital humanities, there's only so much I can learn on my own about the more technical aspects of it. So far my experience has been limited to web design (basic HTML and CSS skills; Wordpress installations), using blogs and wikis in the classroom, and trouble shooting specific tasks. I'm now working on larger digital humanities projects and often hit a wall in terms of skills. I'm hoping Bootcamp and exchanging ideas with fellow DH's will help.

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